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Meet my wife Renee! We have been married for over 30 years and she still tolerates me!

My daughter is Norann (the pretty blonde on the right - yep, she got her looks from her mom, not the BugDoc!). This is her wedding picture from October, 2001. The black haired fellow is Vinny Ricigliano, her husband, and the older couple in the middle are his parents, Rosary and Bill. Sage, my granddaughter, was still attempting to throw flower petals and, yep, the boy playing in the sand is Collin, my grandson.

They all live in Naples, FL.

Easter 2002 visit with my mother and sisters. (left to right) Renee holding Lola, Susan holding Marchello (Deb's dog), Taye (Susan's daughter) holding Felix, Deborah holding her other dog, Penny, and Mom (Clara) holding her poodle, Sebastian. Of course, I'm trying to control Ant'ny.
Sage had her 5th birthday in December, 2001. You can see the party girl was wining-and-dining some friends!
Collin (6 1/2yr) and Sage (nearly 5) at their favorite local park, Jungle Larry's. Note that shirt on Collin! Obviously, the BugDoc's grandson!
While in Florida this last December, Collin "forced" the BugDoc to talk about entomology to his Cub Scout den - at night! We found plenty of insects anyway.
Ant'ny is our toy French Poodle. This is a rare shot of him holding still!
Ant'ny, Lola (our redhead toy poodle), and "cousin" Wally (Norann's sheltie) during the last Holiday Season.