Central Glass Works

Wheeling, West Virginia (1860s-1939)

Stretch Glass Dates: 1920s

Stretch Glass Line Name: most likely '2000 Line' but possibly 'Tiffani glass'


Blue - blue glass

Green - light green glass

Purple - a wisteria or purple glass

Topaz - yellow-green glass, commonly called vaseline

Central Glass Company is one of the older glass making companies, being established in the early 1860s. They were heavily involved with making "Early American Pattern Glass," and became part of the U.S. Glass Company consortium in 1891 where they were known as Factory O. Hard times fell upon the factory and in the early 1900s, the factory was apparently idle. It was then purchased by Nathan Scott and was eventually known as Central Glass Works. Apparently, in the 1920s, they made both opalescent and iridescent glass. Because of the Depression, they were sold to Imperial Glass in 1939. At this time, most of the records were apparently destroyed.

Most of Central's stretch glass was made from one bowl mold and two candleholder molds. All the colors except for crystal are fairly obtainable. Some of the pieces have acid etching with gold paint overlay and some pieces have been found decorated with the "glue chip" technique. The glue chip technique used a special glue which, when heated, peels off slivers of the glass, producing a cold frost like effect.

bowl, rolled rim in blue (3 1/2-inch base, 9-inch wide).

bowl, flared in topaz (3 5/8-inch base, 9 3/4-inch wide).

bowl, wide flared in Topaz (3 5/8-inch base, 11 1/2-inch wide).

Bowl, flared in green (3 5/8-inch base, 9 3/4-inch wide).

candleholders, tall trumpet-shaped in green. These are easily confused with Diamond candleholders. Central ones have a rounded edge to the base (4 1/2-base, 9-inch tall).

console set in green (bowl: 3 5/8-base, 10-inch wide; candleholders: 4-inch base, 6 7/8-inch tall).

candleholders, trumpet-shaped in cobalt blue (4-inch base, 7-inch tall).

console set in topaz (bowl: 3 5/8-inch base, 10-inch wide; candleholders: 4-inch base, 7 1/8-inch tall).

candleholders, trumpet-shaped in blue (4-inch base, 7-inch tall).

Central handled server in green and with a floral etch pattern and silver paint (10 1/2-inch wide).

console set in green with glue chip and gold decoration, rolled rim in green (bowl: 3 3/8-inch base, 9 1/8-inch wide; candleholders: 4-inch base, 7-inch tall).

candleholders, trumpet-shaped in topaz (4-inch base, 7-inch tall).