Diamond Glass-Ware Co.

Indiana, Pennsylvania (1916-1931)

Stretch Glass Dates: 1920-1931

Stretch Glass Line Name: most likely 'Rainbow' and 'Lustre'


After Glow & Rose Shimmering - pink glass

Amethyst - purple glass

Blue, Harding Blue, & Vesuvius Blue - blue glass (Harding Blue & Vesuvius Blue appear to be simply other trade names), like Fenton's Celeste Blue

Blue Crackle - a dark cobalt blue with a crackle-glass effect

Egyptian Lustre - an opaque black glass with multicolored iridescence

Gold - a crystal glass with an orange-brown iridescence, a marigold.

Green & Green Shimmering - green glass, like Fenton's 'Florentine Green'

Midnight Wisteria - a dark purple

Pearl - crystal glass with white iridescence

ruby - a true red or amberina (not listed in advertisements)

Royal Lustre - cobalt glass with silvery, mirror-like iridescence (not really a stretch glass, but included by Diamond in their line).

Ruby Lustre - ruby glass with silvery or gold, mirror-like iridescence (not really a stretch glass)

Twilight Wisteria - a medium purple, darker than Amethyst but lighter than Midnight Wisteria.

Diamond Glassware Company had a long history that started with several glass companies that were located in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The company was located on the site previously occupied by the Indiana Glass Company (1892-93), the Northwood Company (1896-99), Northwood Works of the National Glass Company (1900-1904), Dugan Glass Company (1904-1913), and Diamond Glass Company (1914-1915).

The company made a variety of bowls, plates, comports, covered pieces and candleholders. The bowls often have a flat edge on the bottom of the foot rim. The Egyptian Lustre (black stretch) and Blue Crackle are unique to this company and have helped identify many pieces.

The blue, green, and crystal pieces are easily obtainable, but the purples (all shades), pink, and black are much more difficult to obtain. Only a few pieces of red or amberina are known and the Blue Crackle is always appreciated by collectors. The marigold pieces are uncommon, but not highly prized by most stretch glass collectors. A few pieces of a shiny marigold iridescence on milk glass are known, but these pieces do not have the characteristic stretch effect.

Diamond made one famous line, the "Adam's Rib" or #900 line that has fine, external ribs.

Diamond also made numerous blown-molded vases with "pinched" surfaces. Other blown-molded vases have an impressed, surface crackle effect in addition to stretch iridescence.

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candleholders in After Glow (pink).

plate in Amethyst (medium purple).

candleholder/ vases in Blue.

bowl, flared in Blue Crackle.

candleholder-bowl in Gold (marigold).

basket in Green.

bowl, wide base, crimped in Twilight Wisteria.

bowl in Egyptian Lustre (black).

bowl, wide base, cupped in Midnight Wisteria.

bowl, cupped in Pearl.

compote, #900 ("Adam's Rib") in marigold on milk.

bowl, cupped in ruby.