Diamond Egyptian Lustre

Diamond Glass-Ware appears to be the only company that made a black amethyst glass with stretch iridescence as part of their regular line. The base glass can appear as an extremely dark cobalt blue or a deep oxblood red (some call this fiery amethyst) when held up to an extremely bright light. However, the glass, itself, appears black when placed on a surface. The iridescent colors reflect all the colors of the rainbow. Because of the bright colors, this glass often commands high prices.

Bowl, cupped (3 3/8-inch base, 5 5/8-inch wide).

Bowl, flared (3 1/2-inch base, 7 5/8-inch wide).

Bowl, raised cupped, (2 7/8-inch base, 7 1/4-inch wide).

Bowl, wide flared, cupped ( 3 1/2-inch base, 7 5/8-inch wide).

Bowl, wide flared, cupped (2 7/8-inch base, 9-inch wide).

Bowl, flared (3 5/8-inch base, 10-inch wide).

Bowl, raised cupped (3 7/8-inch base, 8.25-inch wide).

Bowl, wide flared ("45-degree, straight-side")(3 7/8-inch base, 11 5/8-inch wide).

Bowl, wide flared, cupped (4 3/8-inch base, 9 7/8-inch wide).

Bowl, punch (3 7/8-inch base, 12 1/2-inch wide, 5 1/2-inch tall).

Bowl, raised cupped (3 7/8-inch base, 10 1/4-inch wide, 5 7/8-inch tall).

Bowl, wide flared, cupped (5-inch base, 14-inch wide, 4 1/4-inch tall).

Bowl, flared (5-inch base, 12-inch wide, 6 1/4-inch tall).

Bowl, wide base, flared (8 3/4-inch base, 12 1/2-inch wide, 2 1/8-inch high).

Bowl, low, flat rim with gold and white enamel decoration (no iridescence on back) (8 3/4-inch base, 14-inch wide, 3 3/8-inch high).

Bowl (left, top view) showing rim with gold and white enamel decoration.

Blown-molded bowls. These are quite thin and light weight.

Bowl, low, cupped, 3-footed (8 1/2-inch base with ground marie, 9 3/4-inch wide, 2 3/8-inch high).

Bowl, low, cupped, 3-footed (under side showing feet and ground Marie area).

Bowl, blown molded, rolled rim with leaf decoration (5 3/8-inch base, 9 1/8-inch wide).

Bowl, blown molded, flat rim with leaf decoration (6 1/4-inch base, 10 7/8-inch wide).

Bowl, blown molded, rolled rim (7 1/2-inch base, 11 3/8-inch wide, 3 3/8-inch tall).

Plate (3 1/2-inch base, 8 3/8-inch wide).

Plate (5 1/4-inch base, 10 1/2-inch wide).

Plate, from blown molded bowl (12-inch wide).

Candleholders, trumpet shape (4 7/8-inch base, 8-inch tall).

Candleholders/ shelf support (5 1/4-inch base, 7 7/8-inch tall).

Covered bonbon (5 3/8-inch diameter, 3 1/2-inch base, 6-inch high).

Vase, rolled rim, gold leaf decoration (2 1/2-inch base, 3 3/4-inch wide, 4 1/2-inch high).

Vase, rolled rim (3 5/8-inch base, 4 3/4-inch wide, 8 3/4-inch tall).

Vase, flared (3 7/8-inch base, 8-inch wide, 8-inch high).

Vase, wide flared (3 7/8-inch base, 9 5/8-inch wide, 6 3/4-inch high).

Vase, rolled rim (3 7/8-inch base, 10-inch wide, 6 1/4-inch high).

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Vase, cylinder, blown-molded (3-inch base, 4-inch wide, 9 7/8-inch tall).