Imperial Glass Company

Bellaire, Ohio

Satin Iridescent (Stretch)


Imperial Glass Company made a variety of bowls, but the most commonly found are the ones usually dubbed "wide panel" by collectors. Unfortunately, if you look over the existing Imperial catalogs, it is evident that Imperial has several lines of bowls, each of which had optic panels! Carl Burns has attempted to separate out these lines in his carnival glass book on Imperial. To confuse things even more, Imperial made several lines of glass that have external panels (remember, "optic" means that the pattern is inside - made by the press plunger). These external panel pieces have been given names such as "Chesterfield" and "flute" by carnival collectors.

The most common optic panel bowls appear to belong to three lines, #646-648, #656, and #693-694-695. The #646 and #648 are wide base bowls with the top rims flat. If opened into plates, the bowl made from the same piece fits nicely inside the plate. The #656 line has three sizes (#6564 - 2 3/4-inch base; #6565 - 3 1/16-inch base; #6567 - 3 1/4-inch base; and #6569 - 4 3/8-inch base). These bowls also have flat rims, but when flattened down into plates, the edges may become scalloped slightly. The plates also do not seat the bowls without rocking somewhat. The #69- bowls are taller than the #656 bowls and the upper rims are scalloped, whether flattened down into plates or swung out into vases. This line is the one that was used to make a large variety of swung vases with the optic panels. These three lines are illustrated on a PDF page.

Other, fairly obtainable bowls, are from the #728 line. These bowls have optic rays and definite panels with flat edges. These can look like wide panels to the inexperienced collector. Items in this line may have a snap foot or four spade-like feet. The #725 bowls are similar except that most have attached, molded handles.

Imperial also made a rather uncommon 8 to 10-inch bowl that looks much like the Fenton #600 bowl. This is a plain bowl with a standard snap base. Other bowls include a #600 (="Chesterfield") bowl, a #719 (="Lindbergh" of Weatherman), and two bowls with three feet - #84B and the #5141 (="Floral-and-Optic" of carnival collectors). The oval #320 bowl (="Double Scroll" of carnival collectors) also has an oval foot.

The Imperial Art Glass Line bowls all have stuck up bases (=ground foot) and are covered elsewhere.

#646/2B Nappy bowl, Blue Ice (4 3/4" base).

#648/2B Salad Bowl, Green Ice (5 5/8" base).

#6564/2B 6" Bowl, ruby (2 3/4" base).

#6565/2B 7 1/2" Bowl, Green Ice (3 1/16" base).

#6569/2R 12" Bowl, Green Ice (4 3/8" base).

#6567/2B 8 1/2" Bowl, topaz (3 1/4" base).

#693 4" Sweet Pea, Green Ice (3 1/2" base).

#694 9" Bowl, ruby (4 1/2" base).

#695 12" Bowl, ruby (5 3/8" base).

#7287 13" Bowl, pale blue with gold decoration (5 7/8" base).

#7287 11" Bowl, footed, Iris Ice (4 1/2" base).

#725 Mayonnaise, Iris Ice (3 1/4" base).

#7257, Bowl, two-handled, smoke on pink (6 3/4" base).

#5141 Bowl, "floral & optic", Green Ice (2 1/8" base).

#320 Bowl, "double scroll," ruby (3 1/2 x 4 1/2" base).

#602 Mayonnaise on plate (both with ground bases), Iris Ice (2 7/8" base).

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