Imperial Glass Company

Bellaire, Ohio

Satin Iridescent (Stretch)

Bowls - 725, 727 & 728 Lines (Octagon)

Imperial Glass Company catalog pictures commonly have the #725 pieces (2-handled) included with #727 pieces (no handles). In fact, the non-handled, footed cheese dish is pictured setting on either #725 or #727 dishes! The spade-four-footed bowl, #728 (listed as #39 in one catalog page), is also included in these pages. The only thing these pieces have in common is that they are 8-sided (octagonal).

The most commonly found pieces are plates and "normal" or slightly flared bowls. The heart-handled sandwich tray (#725) and fruit tray (#7251) is also in this line. The rolled rim, low candle holders and cheese & cracker sets are probably the most difficult to locate.

These pieces are usually Iris Ice (crystal) or pink with clear or smoke iridescence (the names for these effects have not be identified yet).

By looking at numerous Imperial catalog pages, one can gain an understanding of their code system. The first numbers, usually three, are the line number. The fourth number, if present, seems to refer to a size. This may end in a capital letter, A through Z, which refers to the shape.

#725 Mayonnaise & under-Plate, Iris Ice (bowl - 3 1/4" base; plate - 4" base).

#725 Shallow Bowl, smoke on pink (6 3/4" base).

#725 Plate, smoke on pink (4" base).

#725 Plate, smoke on pink (5 5/8" base).

#7251 Handled Fruit Tray, Iris Ice (3 1/2" base).

#727 Cheese & Cracker Set, smoke on pink with decal decoration (dish - 3 1/8" base; plate - 4 1/8" base, 10 1/2-11 3/8" wide).

#727A Bowl ("normal" shape), smoke on light blue with gold decal decoration (6" base).

#727W Bowl ("45-degree" shape), smoke on light blue (6" base).

#727X Bowl (flared, flat-top shape), smoke on pink (6" base).

#727 Bowl (flared), smoke on pink (3 1/2" base).

#727 Footed Mayonnaise & Under-Plate Set, smoke on pink (mayo - 3 1/4" base; plate - 4 1/8" base).

#727 Candleholders, smoke on pink (2 1/4" base).

#727 Candleholders, smoke on pink with gold decoration (2 1/4" base).

#728A Comport, Iris Ice (4 3/8" base).

#728A Comport, smoke on pink with floral decal decoration (4 3/8" base).

#728X Center Bowl, Iris Ice (4 3/8" base).

#728D Cake Plate, Iris Ice on pink (4 3/8" base).

#727 Cake Plate, Iris Ice on pink (4" base).

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