Lancaster Glass Company

Lancaster, Ohio (1908-1937)

Stretch Glass Dates: 1920s

Stretch Glass Line Name: no line name discovered, but advertisements used "luster glass" and "lustres."


amber - a true amber glass, very uncommon

Aztec - crystal glass with a bright yellow-gold iridescent effect, a bright marigold

blue - blue glass, like Fenton's Celeste Blue

green enamel on crystal - a crystal glass with orange flowers, green foliage and an overall enamel covering that shades from dark green to yellow

Iris Ice - crystal glass with a white iridescent effect

pink - a pink glass with a crystal to light marigold iridescent effect

Rose Ice - a crystal glass with red-orange iridescence

Ruby Lustre - crystal glass blue flowers, green foliage and an overall enamel covering that shades from dark red-orange to almost yellow

white enamel on crystal - a crystal glass with orange or blue flowers and an overall enamel covering that is mainly a cream color

The Lancaster Glass Company produced pressed glass from 1908 to 1924 before they were purchased by the Hocking Glass Company. However, Lancaster continued to operate under their original name until 1937. In the 1920s and early 1930s, they appeared to produce iridescent ware, mainly marigolds.

They produced a "normal" marigold stretch and a very unusual dark brown marigold.

In another line, of which only the "Ruby Lustre" has been documented, the crystal pieces were given a white stretch finish and then the piece was decorated with a set of enamel flowers which was overpainted with enamel that grades from light to dark. In the Ruby Lustre, the overpaint grades from a red-orange to a yellow. A green to yellow enamel and a solid cream-colored enamel was also used.

Though the actual company names have not been found, there are obvious Lancaster pieces that have been found that used pink, amber and blue base glass. These are all difficult to obtain.

A cake tray in amber, another very difficult to find color.

A cheese and cracker set in Aztec (light marigold). The plate has a ground base and identification can be made by going HERE!

An optic ray bowl in blue, a very rare color for this company.

A pair of candleholders with the green to yellow enamel treatment.

A large bowl in Iris Ice with blue flower decoration. The Lancaster stand is crystal glass with black enamel!

A footed cake plate in pink. Note the frosted (ground) band and enamel decoration.

A high footed, covered bon bon in Rose Ice, a dark marigold.

A covered candy jar in Ruby Lustre, orange-red to yellow enamel.

A pea vase in white enamel on crystal.

A covered bon bon or candy in Iris Ice.

A covered candy with green enamel.

Another covered jar.

Lancaster also made a fairly common series of optic ray pieces in a bright marigold. While these pieces have what may look like stretch marks, these marks are actually due to excessive spray, not from reheating. A set of images of these pieces is presented below. The medium and small bowls are commonly found with cupped rims.

Large bowl, wide flared.

Medium bowl, flared.

Small bowl, flared.

Footed comport.

Small plate.


Pea vases and covered candy jars are also known in this optic ray pattern and iridescent treatment.