Northwood Bowls

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NW 301 bowl in blue.

NW 616 bowl in custard (Ivory).

NW 617 bowl in custard (Ivory).

NW 620 bowl in custard (Ivory) (has ground marie).

NW 620 hat shape bowl in custard (Ivory).

NW 638 bowl in Russet, flared cupped.

NW 638 bowl in Jade Blue, cupped.

NW 640 bowl in custard (Ivory).

NW 641 bowl in russet.

NW 642 bowl in emerald green.

NW ??? bowl made from 640 mold in Russet.

NW 647 bowl in Russet.

NW 648 bowl in Russet.

NW 649 bowl in Russet.

The NW 647, 648 & 649 bowls have a wide shoulder just above the basal rim (snap). Compare this to the 718 bowl below.

NW 650 "baked apple" bowl in Russet.

NW 660 bowl in Russet, note NO rays.

NW 661 bowl in Jade Blue, no rays.

NW 617 bowl in Russet (made from the same mold as the 660 bowl, no rays.

NW 662 bowl in custard (Ivory), note optic rays.

NW 663 bowl in Russet, note rays.

NW 669 bowl in Russet (has ground marie).

The 660, 661, 617, 662 and 663 bowls all have the same base and fit on a 660 black stand.

NW 621 bowl, mayo, in Russet (ground marie).

NW 670 bowl in Russet.

NW 672 bowl in Russet.

The NW 677 to 684 items are called "footed bowls" in the Northwood catalog pages though many would call them compotes (incorrectly). These bowls came with or without optic rays (which are also in the foot), and with or without black feet. The black footed ones cost more in the catalogs.

NW 677 footed bowl in russet (no rays).

NW 678 footed bowl in russet (rays).

NW 678 footed bowl in opaque white with black foot (rays).

NW 679 footed bowl in russet (no rays).

NW 679 footed bowl in Jade Blue with back foot (no rays).

NW 680 footed bowl in blue with gold trim (rays).

NW 682 footed bowl in Topaz (with rays).

NW 683 footed bowl in Jade Blue (no rays).

NW 692 bowl in russet.

NW 693 bowl in Rosita Amber or Sateena.

NW 694 bowl in russet.

The 692-694 bowls look much like the 640 series, but they are slightly larger and all have a characteristic circle in the inside bottom.

NW 707 3-footed bowl, normal, in Topaz.

NW 707 3-footed, bowl, flared, in blue.

NW 707 3-footed bowl, cupped, in Russet.

NW 713 footed bowl in blue.

NW 715 footed bowl in Russet.

The NW 713, 714 (not illustrated - cupped), and 715 footed bowls are smaller than the 677-684 series. These may also have black feet, which are very rare.

NW 718 bowl in Jade Blue.

The NW 718 bowl has a narrow collar though the bowls look just like the NW 649 bowl (see above). These bowls also fit on the NW 647 base.

NW spiral optic bowl (small) in blue.

NW spiral optic bowl (large) in blue.

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