Northwood Vases & Accessory Items (pitchers, tumblers, sherbets, candy jars, etc.)

To download thumbnail illustration pages of most of the Northwood Rainbow Line and their Tree-of-Life pieces, GO HERE.

NW 930 vase in Russet.

NW 989 vase in Russet.

NW 728 vase with external rays blue.

NW 727 vases, spiral, in blue and Topaz.

NW vase with roll rim in Jade Blue (ground foot).

NW 613 vase, diamond optic, in blue.

NW 613 vase, diamond optic, crimped top, in Jade Blue.

NW 618 vase, rib optic, in Topaz.

NW 618 vase, rib optic, crimped top, in blue.

NW vase, crimped top, ground (stuck up) base, in blue.

NW "pea" vase, crimped rib optic, in Royal Purple.

NW 559 guest set Russet.

NW covered pitcher, tumblers and coasters, diamond optic, in blue.

NW 700 tumbler in Topaz.

NW handled tumbler in blue.

NW 699 cheese dish and cracker plate in Russet.

NW 621 mayo bowl and underplate in Russet (ground marie).

NW 698 handled server in Topaz.

NW 636 one-pound candy jar in Russet.

NW 659 half-pound candy jar in custard (Ivory).

NW 691 almond tray in blue.

NW 704 mayo, flared top in Russet.

NW covered sugar and cramer in topaz

NW salt dish in Russet.

NW ash tray in topaz.

NW sherbet set in Blue Opaque.

NW 685 sherbet in Russet.

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