Northwood Plates

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Stretch glass plates are always difficult to associate with an individual maker. However, because of the unique colors made by Northwood, especially Russet and Jade Blue, most have been characterized.

As with most manufacturers, Northwood made plates with ground marie, ground foot (stuck up) and snap foot (snapped up) techniques.

NW 301, 6-inch plate in Jade Blue (2.25" snap base, 20 optic rays).

NW 622 7.5-inch mayonnaise plate in Topaz (3.375" ground marie base).

NW 674, 7.5-inch plate in Russet (3.25" snap base).

NW 630 8.5-inch plate in Jade Blue (5.25" ground marie base).

NW 9-inch plate in Russet (4.75" ground foot base).

NW 639 9.5-inch plate in Jade Blue (3.5" snap foot, 27 ribs).

NW 631 12-inch plate in emerald green (4" snap foot, 28 optic rays).

NW 720 14-inch plate in Jade Blue (3.5" snap foot).

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