Stretch Glass Candleholders:

Terms, Definitions, ID

Many people call candleholders "candle sticks" which is technically a holder with a pin on which a wax candle is "stuck." Candleholders have a cup in which the candle base is placed.

Most of the stretch glass candleholders are easily identified by their shape and form. However there are four types that are very similar - "Colonial," short trumpet, tall trumpet, and spindle types. For these types, close inspection will be needed in order to make the proper identification. The following line drawings should help. If you want to print out copies of these illustrations - GO HERE.

The above line illustrations include all the known stretch glass candleholders. Look below for additional information on identifying the similar pieces. "Colonial" holders were made by Fenton, Northwood and Vineland. Short trumpet shapes were made by Central, Northwood, and Vineland. Tall trumpet shapes were made by Central and Diamond. "Spindle" forms (round sticks with several rings) were made by Diamond, Imperial and Vineland.

Both Fenton and Northwood made 8 1/2-inch and 10-inch long candleholders in this form, but Vineland only made tall ones. The major difference is the shape of the stem where the foot attaches. Vineland sticks have three mold seams.

Short "trumpet" holders are difficult to identify when you don't have another with which to compare!

Tall "trumpet" holders.

"Spindle" style candleholders.

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