U.S. Glass Lines

There are several US Glass Company "lines" that have been identified from various company catalogs and advertisements.

There appear to be three lines that have paired rays. The #310 line has the paired rays on the outside of the piece, often down the foot, on footed pieces, and rounded points where the rays meet the rim. The #314 line has paired OPTIC rays (on the inside) of the pieces. This line also has the rims of pieces flat, without points, and there are always four sets of the rays. A third line is distinctly different, having paired optic rays, usually six sets. These pieces also have distinct points where the rays meet the rim, but the points are not as prominent as the 310 pieces.

The #315 pieces are characterized by having a twist stem. They are very common in satin finish, but rather difficult to find with the stretch finish.

The #151 and #179 pieces are generally simple in shape and form.

US Glass was very adept at making "open work" pieces. These are usually #310 pieces that have rims with diamond-shaped openings or the famous #8079 piece (commonly called the ribbon bowl or plate). The #8079 pieces have a row of slotted openings around the rim. Finding the #310 pieces without damage is nearly impossible, but the #8079 pieces are fairly obtainable. One could probably spend a great deal of time and money trying to assemble all the colors, shapes and forms of the open work pieces

Most of the US Glass plates have ground bases (stuck up), and the most common ones have wide panels that make them look much like the Imperial plates. The main difference is the ground base and the rays between the wide panels extend to the rim (in the Imperial pieces the wide panels have a distinct round end, like a peacock feather. Some of these pieces have been pulled up into wide based bowls.

US Glass also applied overall enamel to the outside. The 'Pomona' line has a leaf stencil pattern overpainted with a contrasting enamel. These usually come in a yellow or reddish background enamel. The 'Cumula' line has a wispy green cloud like pattern with an overlying white enamel. US Glass pieces commonly have black or green enamel bands, and there is one pattern that consists of thin black lines radiating up the pieces.

US Glass 310, three footed bowl in green. This piece also has a ground marie.

US Glass #314 low footed comport in olive green. Note that the rim is smooth and the rays are optic.

US Glass bowl in an unidentified line. Has four sets of optic rays and distinct points where the rays meet the rim.

US Glass #151 vase, 11-inch tall.

A US #310 'open work' low footed comport in blue.

A US #8076 'open work' bowl, rolled rim in black amethyst.

US Glass #179 vase, crimped top, in light cobalt blue.

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A US #314 mayo with the yellow "Pomona" enamel.

US plate with red "Pomona" enamel.

US #179 low footed comport with the "Cumula" enamel decoration.