Vineland Flint Glass Works

Vineland, New Jersey

Stretch Glass Dates: 1920s

Stretch Glass Line Name: none known


caramel slag - a light tan opaque glass with darker brown streaks (only candleholders known)

cobalt blue - a nice dark cobalt blue glass

crystal - crystal glass with white iridescence, glass often has a slight color of green

green - light green glass, occasionally very light which has been called "soda bottle green"!

light cobalt blue - a very light cobalt blue glass, not like the Celeste Blue color

Old Gold - a fairly dark amber glass

pink - a light to brownish-pink glass, sometimes with a smoke colored iridescence

Tut Blue - blue glass, similar to Fenton's Celeste Blue

Wisteria - a light to dark purple glass

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The stretch glass made by Vineland was obviously made without much quality control! For a company that held the Durand Art Glass Division, it is amazing to see the lack of consistent color, design and shaping seen in their stretch glass. It is extremely hard to discuss the glass colors because each piece seems to be a bit different. Their Old Gold (amber) can range from a very dark amber to a very pale color and some pieces have swirls of concentrated colorant in the glass. Their crystal glass ranges from a clean crystal glass to pieces with blue or green tints. It's almost like the Vineland workers made stretch glass with whatever was left in a pot.

Many of the bowls have what appear to be hatch marks in the flat part of the foot. This was the result of them having to use a cold chisel to chip out glass that got stuck in the mold!

We know very little about the Vineland company, but sufficient pieces have shown up with original paper labels that we can determine that the number is the item shape and the three colors known are Old Gold (amber), Tut Blue (blue) and Wisteria (purple).

There appear to be about four bowl molds used with flaring and crimping being the most common treatments. They made a 10-inch "Colonial" style candleholder that was formed in a three piece mold (has three mold seams down the sides), and they made small trumpet-shaped candleholders. The trumpet-shaped holders may have thin or thick necks but all have three rings under the candle cup. A very rare set of "spindle" candleholders were also made. A small vase mold was used to make a footed vase with various rim treatments.

Flared bowl in cobalt blue.

Light cobalt blue bowl with flared-cupped rim.

Old gold (dark amber) 10-inch candleholder.

Flared crimped bowl in Old Gold (amber).

Large flared crimped bowl in Wisteria (purple).

Vineland label for a large flared bowl in amber color.