what is stretch glass?
these soda bottles have been reheated and "stretched," but they are not "stretch glass"!!

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this opalescent vase has been "stretched," but it is not "stretch glass"!! in actually, the correct name for this vase is "swung" vase which refers to the process by which it is made. the original, short piece is placed in a "snap" (a metal rod with jaws for holding the bottom rim), reheated and then the rod is swung back and forth or even twirled which causes the glass to stretch outward.
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true art glass pieces will have a pontil on the base. the pontil may be rough, smooth or polished (as in the vase to the right). art glass may get its iridescent surface from chemicals in the glass or applied to the surface.
there is a considerable amount of what we call "freeform" art glass that was produced from the 1950s to the present. this glass has the appearance of taffy and is often multicolored. swans, horns-of-plenty, and bowls are the most common shapes. these pieces are not iridized and are definitely not stretch glass! some of this glass was and is being made in the us, some is from mexico and some is of european origin.

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stretch glass pieces should have obvious stretch marks in the iridescence, but many pieces are merely satiny.

this stretch glass vase was made using the blown-molded process - a bubble of glass was blown in a mold, broken off and then iridized.

this stretch glass vase was also swung!

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